Related to Alliums and although with only three species, Nectaroscordum (Honey Garlic or Honey Lily) are native to France and Italy. Nectaroscordum siculum with its nodding green and red flowers and Nectaroscordum siculum ssp bulgaricum are the two most widely grown of the species and with their nodding pink and white bell like flowers make an attractive addition to the border.

A popular cultivar is Nectaroscordum tripedale, it seems to have a tighter flower head than the species, slow to flower from seed and reluctant to produce offsets, however if you can find it, we think that it is even prettier than Nectaroscordum siculum.

Nectaroscordum Care

Nectaroscordum prefer a well drained soil and a sunny position ( a little shade from hot afternoon sun will help with flower growth).

Plant at a depth of around 5 -8 cm

Do not over water , and in wet areas dig the bulbs over winter to prevent rot.

Fertilize during the growing season with a seaweed based liquid fertilizer, or with a solution from the vermicaste from your worm farm. A little well rotted manure or compost dug into the soil when planting is also beneficial.


Nectaroscordum can be grown from seed or propagated by dividing bulbs when dug after the last foliage has died down in late autumn

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