Gentiana plants and species

Gentiana are actually a large and varied genus and descriptions and growing or care notes do differ. In general they prefer a position with moist soil and plently of light, they seem to do well in rock gardens which mimics the natural habitat of many species.

Gentiana lutea (Great Yellow Gentian) will grow to nearly 2m while Gentiana acaulis (Stemless gentian) will only grow to 10cm. Gentiana farreri has very attractive, trumpet-shaped pale blue flowers with white throats appear in early autumn.


A little tricky here as different species require different soil conditions, one size does not fit all.....

Originally from China Gentiana farreri prefers humus rich moist soil (slightly acid) in full sun to part shade, protection from hot afternoon sun is desirable.

Gentiana acaulis is one of the prettiest that we have grown, although it does seem to require a good dose of potash to get it to flower. Gentiana verna is a lime loving species, while Gentiana sino-ornata does not like lime at all

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