Epiphyllum Plants, the 'Orchid Cactus'

Wonderful flowers and easy to grow on a patio or in a greenhouse Epiphyllum, Epicactis or 'Orchid Cactus' hybrids are becoming a popular plant in the UK.

Originally a genus of about 19 species from the Rainforests or Brazil and surounding areas Epiphyllum have beed crossed with other cactus species to produce what are known as Epicactus.

Varieties and species

Epiphyllum oxypetalum is a popular form often called 'The Dutchmans Pipe', this is a night flowering species, wonderful perfume in the evening as the flowers open, while Epiphyllum anguliger is known as the Fishbone Cactus. Epiphyllum 'Cooperii' and Epiphyllum phyllanthus are others worth looking for


In the UK they will need to be grown indoors in the winter months, however withn fantastic flowers they are well worth the effort. Species such as Epiphyllum Giganteum are available however the hybrids are much more common.

These are an epiphytic plant so they are best grown in a free draining mix, most cactus or succulent mixes are suitable. A hanging basket is perfect for the trailing types, however containers are also suitable. Although Epiphyllum like good drainage, they also do not like to dry out, so keep moist and with some humidity.

Cool nights during winter are essential to promote flowering, we mean cool, not freezing cold. Buds will begin to appear and this is when the temperature can be raised.

Epiphyllum can be pruned back as required, they will reshoot fairly quickly, the cuttings can be used to propagate more plants.


Epiphyllum can be grown from seed, or purchased as potted specimens, rooted cuttings or unrooted cuttings.

Epiphyllum seeds and plants are available from the following suppliers

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