Bare Root Hedging

Nothing is better than a bargain, and Bare Root Hedging is simply the cheapest way of establishing a hedge.

You will bem mainly limited to the deciduous hedging plants that are available from late autumn through to early spring depending on the type of plant and the season.

Bare root hedging is used because it is cheaper (easier) to produce than evergreen hedging plants. It is also easier and cheaper to transport.

However they should be planted immediately they are delivered to ensure maximum survival. We recommend preparing for planting before purchase and delivery.

Some evergreen hedging plants such as Buxus, are available as bare rooted plants, these plants are generally very tough and easy to grow species.

Buying Bare rooted hedging

What you are looking for with Bare Root Hedging plants is a good root system, and as they are indeed 'bare' you can easily check then out. You are looking for a well formed root system, not damaged, certainly no fungus or disease and defiantly not 'dried out'.

Planting Bare Rooted hedging

The less time the plants are actually out of the ground the better ! And this is why you are better to buy from a specialist nursery, rather than a big box that actually gets their plants from somewhere else and will keep then out of the soil for months on end ( and then sell the leftover ones at bargain prices, dried root systems that will be poor specimens).

If is preferable to plant bare rooted hedging plants as early as possible, if you can get them into position at the end of autumn they have the chance to put on some root growth while the soil is still relatively warm. And it may seem a little strange to apply fertiliser to what looks a lot like a stick, but some liquid seaweed fertiliser really seems to help promote root growth.

And our final hint is to order early, the earlier you order the sooner your plants will arrive and you can get them planted.

Bare root hedging plants include both deciduous species semi deciduous species such as :

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