Aster novae-angliae violetta

We first found Aster violetta at our local plant fair and it truly is a wonderful hardy flowering plant.

Sometimes called the 'hairy michaelmas daisy' this plant will flower from late summer through to autumn and it produces masses of violet or purple daisy like flowers with pretty golden orange centres. Flowers are attractive to butterflies and bees.

Like most asters this one prefer a humus rich moist soil in a sunny position with perhaps some dappled shade in the afternoon. Aster violetta can be planted in spring, dig in some well rotted compost and manure and water in with a seaweed fertilizer.

Probably best towards the back of the border due to its height. You may need to stake this one as it reaches around 1.5m. We have seen some lovely metal stakes with hoops at the top that we would like to try, but you trusty timber or bamboo stake will do the job just as well.

Care and pruning

As mentioned these are a hardy plant and require little care, spent flower heads can be pruned back to promote a second flush of flowers.

In autumn when flowering is over you can cut them back. If you have mulched well you will only need to water during dry periods, many gardeners 'over water' and this can cause rot.

Older clumps of Aster novae-angliae violetta can be divided in early spring.

And or course we have other cultivars such as Aster novae-angliae 'Purple Dome'

John Allman


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