How to grow Crocus

Crocus are a broad genus and with species that flower from Autumn through to Spring. Growing crocus is not difficult given a well drained position and plenty of sun.

Crocus bulbs will grow well in pots and can be naturalised into lawns. Crocus look great when planted in groups of 10 or more. Crocus are actually a corm rather than a bulb and generally they are small.

Crocus do not like to dry out completely and do well in cool to moderate winter conditions. Crocus like full sun although can do with some protection from hot afternoon sun, dappled shade is best.

Growing Crocus in Pots and Containers

Crocus grow well in pots and will multiply rapidly, remember to repot every 2 - 3 years to make room as well as to replenish the potting mix. Pots can be set into the ground if required. Ensure good drainage.

Plant spring flowering crocus in autumn. pointy end up 15 - 20 cm deep.

Foliage should be left on crocus until it has died back, this ensures that bulbs get nutrition need for the following year.

Crocus Species and flowering times.

Autumn Flowering Crocus include:
Crocus alatavicus, Crocus aleppicus, Crocus asumaniae, Crocus autranii, Crocus banaticus, Crocus cancellatus, Crocus goulimyi, Crocus hadriaticus, Crocus kotschyanus, Crocus goulimyi, Crocus laevigatus, Crocus longiflorus, Crocus niveus , Crocus nudiflorus, Crocus pulchellus, Crocus sativus (saffron crocus) and Crocus speciosus.

Spring Flowering Crocus include:
Crocus abantensis, Crocus adanensis, Crocus aerius, Crocus alatavicus, Crocus almehensis, Crocus biflorus, Crocus candidus, Crocus dalmaticus, Crocus etruscus, Crocus fleischeri, Crocus gargaricus, Crocus korolkowii, Crocus malyi, olivieri, Crocus reticulatus, Crocus sieberi, Crocus thomasii, Crocus tommasinianus, Crocus tournefortii, Crocus versicolor and Crocus vernus.

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