Turf Lawn and Instant Turf for the UK and EU

With the desire to have instant gardens, it is natural that suppliers have developed instant turf. It has a number of benefits if properly layed besides instant gratification.

Used widely in commercial developments, sporting fields and by councils, instant turf overcomes many of the problems of sowing seed. It has already been germinated, has a root system and can be walked upon much sooner than seed sown lawns.

Laying Instant Turf

Preparation is the key to laying instant turf. A brief DIY guide includes the following steps.

  1. Clear the area of all rocks, rubble and other debris.
  2. Remove all existing weeds and grass. You may need a weed killer to do this.
  3. Till and level the topsoil, removing any old roots and runners as you go.
  4. Bring in some new soil to act as a base.
  5. Level and spread, and then check your levels in relation to paths and other fixed elements. You will need between 2 and 4 cm of clearance.
  6. Check the levels for drainage, allow for some slope for runoff
  7. Lay the turf as soon as it arrives on site. If allowed to dry out you will find some loss.
  8. Wet down the area before laying the turf.
  9. Start laying the turf from the furthest point away from the access and the delivered turf.
  10. Lay so the joins are in a staggered pattern.
  11. On sloping ground peg down the turf as you go.
  12. Do not overlap layers of turf.
  13. Top dress with a some sandy loam, you may do this as you go in large areas.
  14. Water in well and make sure the turf is properly bedded in by walking over it to compact it a little.
  15. Newly layed turf needs to watered regularly until the roots settle in and signs of good new growth are evident.

Turf, garden turf lawns, instant turf and astro turf can be great alternatives to sowing lawn seed. Turf suppliers can deliver and lay turf for an instant effect. Laying turf requires some skill but can be carried out as a DIY project .

You can find instant turf for sale at the following suppliers

We have a unique ?─˛turf out the middle man?─˘ ethos. We grow it right here on our own farm. All the turf is cut the day its dispatched and we supply direct nationwide.

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