Daylilies or Hemerocallis

Daylily FlowersDaylilies, they are not really lilies at all, the flower looks like one but only lasts a day, hence the name, daylily, however they do re bloom many times during each season, so what else is different.

Daylilies are a rhizome rather than a bulb as such, the genus is Hemerocallis and they come from a different family altogether so although the flowers may look similar lets not get confused.

In general Daylilies require full sun in the UK, although they are said to be tolerant of part shade, you may just find you are growing great foliage and no flowers.

Planting and Care

Daylilies are a hardy plant that need little care. Many daylilies will repeat flower and look best when planted in groups.

In the UK Daylilies are best planted at the end of winter, some well rotted compost and manure can be dug into the soil before planting. Soil ph is not that critical for daylilies, however many growers favor a slightly acid soil.

A quick rundown on how to grow dailies leaves us with a few simple points


Division can be carried out any time in the growing season, choose a cool day. Yes you can grow from seed if you with to experiment.

If you are dividing your own clump of daylilies do this immediately after flowering in spring. Divide the large clump into groups of three or four growing stems, cut the foliage back to a fan of about 20cm and replant to the correct depth. In colder areas daylilies may be mulched in winter to prevent frost damage.


Fertilizing Daylilies

Daylilies are not that fussy, a slow release all purpose fertilizer in early spring or some extra manure at this time will be adequa te


Besides a wide range of colors you can also get early and late season flowering types, as well dwarf varieties.

With access to the widest range of daylilies for sale including species and cultivars such as, Hemerocallis fulva (from Asia), citrina (a wonderful yellow flowering species), flava (a fragrant yellow species) and stella do oro (an excellent dwarf cultivar).

Rare double flowered varieties, spiders and repeat flowering daylilies are available for sale as bare root plants in the UK. Growing Daylilies, Care and Online Daylily Plants Nurseries

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