Helianthemums the 'Rock Rose'

Helianthemum nummularium is the common yellow flowering 'Rock Rose' or 'Sun Rose' a matt forming ground cover or small shrub well suited to rockeries. These plants are an excelent ground cover and are grwon for the masses of flowers from spring through summer.

The flowers are reasonably large, up to 5cm across, and as these plants grow in poor soil they are a great flowering alternative to some other solutions. Low growing and spreading, yet not invasive.

Spreading over around 1m and reaching a height of 30cm, Helianthemums have come a long way over the past 20 years. More colors, double and semi double flowers and over 150 cultivars. They are also known as Frostworts, and this is to do with the silvery foliage.

Helianthemum Varieties

Helianthemum Care

Helianthemums do not require a lot of care, they can be pruned back after flowering in summer to maintain shape, or simply pinch back to create a more bushy plant.

Plants are readily available for sale from mail order nurseries.

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