Watsonia Bulbs in Flower

Watsonia Bulbs

Easy to grow Watsonia Bulbs will provide masses of flowers and add a little height to the garden. Originally from South Africa they do require good sunshine and good drainage, otherwise they are easy care.

Be aware that Watsonia bulbs will multiply rapidly, and new corms are very small, in warmer climates some species have become a weed Watsonia meriana bulbifera is one such species. The problem is that the small bulbils that appear along the main stem (just beneath the flowers) are easily dispersed.

Watsonia are closely related to Gladioli.

Watsonia Care

They will grow well in the UK however they may need to be planted in a raised garden bed in areas that are poorly drained. They are a tall growing plant and may require staking to maintain a good upright habit in windy locations as the flower heads are large and add weight.

The will flower in summer as the weather reaches its hottest, long green sword like foliage adds interest as well. In winter they will be dormant and the bulbs or corms may require a little protection in areas subject to winter freezing, a good protective layer of mulch will help.

Watsonia Bulbs are available from the following nurseries

FIR TREE FARM NURSERY - Tel : 01326 340593
Tresahor Constantine Falmouth Cornwall TR11 5PL
INCLUDES: Watsonia latifolia, Watsonia pillansii, Watsonia coccinea, Watsonia bulbillifera and others.

John Allman 

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