Strobilanthes dyerianus - Care and Growing Instructions

Strobilanthes are really a tropical plant and require a warm humid position in part shade, however with fantastic foliage on cultivars such as S. dyerianus 'Persian Shield' with its glowing purple foliage, these are a desirable plant growing in a warm position outdoors or as an indoor plant.

The leaves are green edged with purple markings and a dash of silver, flowers are small and blue, but not really the main attraction.

You can try bringing them inside over winter, or maybe just take some cuttings and use some sort of 'mini greenhouse' such as a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off, or a plastic bag and they should strike fairly easily.

These plants are rapidly available at nurseries and garden centres in the spring, but remember to get in early for a show of colour that lasts all summer. In good conditions they will reach 3ft (1m) + so give them room to grow. Keep moist and warm. Fertilize with a good liquid fertilizer for best results.



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