Sarracenia are classed as a carnivorous plant, they attract insects into the funnel like trap using colour, smell and a sticky secretion or nectar.

These are the the North American Pitcher Plants, fine hairs inside the funnel point downwards making it impossible for insets to find their way out.

Sarracenia varieties

With approximately eight species of Sarracenia identified varieties include

Sarracenia Care


If you want a healthy Sarracenia with good foliage, them you need to yak care of the root system.

With Sarracenia, the roots serve the purpose of fixing the plant in the soil as well as taking in nutrients from the moisture.

A slightly acids soil is essential, and Sarracenia do have extensive root systems for a rather small plant. A mixture of peat moss, perlite and sharp sand works well for many growers as a medium for Sarracenia.

Moisture retentive acids peat, free draining and oxygen allowing perlite and sand. Use a 1 : 1 : ratio for starters and adjust.

Fertilize with a dilute liquid type general purpose fertiliser and growth will improve.

Never over water, never allow to dry out and do not over fertilise.

Sarracenia are available for sale from the following specilaist nurseries.

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Available for sale from the following nurseries

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