Sundews are a carnivorous plants that get nutrients from trapping small insects. Sundews or 'Drosera' can be grown indoors and with well over 100 species they are found in many countries around the world. The sticky substance on the little tentacles capture small insects, the trap closes and the sundew has done its thing.

Drosera capensis is the 'cape sundew' and is fairly easy to grow. Drosera rotundifolia is a marsh plant while Drosera aliciae or 'Alices Sundew' will grow well in a mix of sphagnum moss and washed sand.

Drosera anglica is the English or 'Great Sundew' although this one is found across europe.

Sundew Care

Being seen as one of the easier carnivorous plants to grow, be aware that sundews are a little varied in requirements. It is the tropical species that are the difficult ones.

In general grow them in pots or containers in the UK. Or perhaps in a damp trough in a greenhouse. They do not require fertilizing (they are after all a plant that catches its own food) and in terms of other care, just remove any dead foliage as it appears. A mixture of sphagnum moss, sharp sand, perlite, and peat seems to work. Although a range of water retentive mixtures seem to work. Of course the really hardy Drosera anglica can be successfully grown outside.

Filtered light during the warmer months is advisable.

Wet through summer, damp through spring winter and autumn is a general rule.

Good air flow is essential to help prevent diseases.

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