Patio Plants

Patio plants include trees, plants for growing in hanging baskets vegetables, orchids and in fact just about any plant that can be grown in a container. And in the UK they are popular as they can bring colour at times of the year when the plants outdoors are doing anything but that.

With a little though, and a little creativity, you can turn a patio into an urban jungle, the enclosed nature of many patios helps to create a micro climate that allows plants to grow in climates cooler than normal.

For year hangimg baskets ferns and orchids have been grown on patios, today we see Olive Trees, Lemon Trees, Dwarf Fruit Trees and even Topiary, all popular patio plants.

On the increase are vegetables including the leafy greens and tricker plants such as tomato plants both very popular. Patio potato barrels and strawberry planters along with herb planters allow a small kitchen garden to thrive on any sunny patio area.

Choosing Patio Plants and Pots.

With so many plants that are suitable for growing on a patio area the question is what sort do you want to grow ?

Are you looking for a productive patio garden that produces fruit and vegetable, a flowering display or just a lush green look?

Once you have decided on the type of plants for you patio its time to consider which planters to use.

Are you considering large planters for fruit trees, smaller pots for ferns and flowers, or hanging baskets for fuchsias, orchids or other trailing plants.

You can buy a range of proven patio plants from suppliers listed.

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