You may never have heard of Parthenocissus, however if we say, Boston Ivy, or perhaps Virginia Creeper, you will know what we are talking about.

Related to the grapes, Parthenocissus are climbing plants and one of the common forms is Parthenocissus tricuspidata also known as Boston Ivy or Japanese Ivy. This is a deciduous plant that climbs using 'suction caps' the flowers are inconspicuous, however it is grown for the palmate foliage, green turning to a good red in autumn.

These vines come from a range of climates, the Himalayas and North America as well as Asia. In the UK it is P. quinquefolia and P. henryana along with P. tricuspidata that are the most widely used.

Parthenocissus Care

In general a fertile soil, well drained and a sunny position is all that is required. Most species will grow in part shade, howvwe they perfom better with light, and autumn colour is better.

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