Paris plants

If you like woodland plants, then Paris is a genus of plants to consider adding to the collection and in particular Paris japonica. They are not rare, in fact P. quadrifolia is common throughout Europe. However it is the species from Nepal, China and the foothills of the Himalayas that are the most sought after.

A rhizome that grows well in the shade garden Paris quadrifolia and polyphylla are probably the tow best known varieties. From Russia through to Japan, China and nearby areas they are a plant that grows happily beneath a canopy of deciduous trees. some species are also placed under the sub genus Kinugasa.

Paris japonica with its large white flowers is one of the best to grow. In good conditions it will flower regularly and even increase, although this it does slowly. The foliage rises on a stem and forms a whorl or canopy, like an umbrella.

Large attractive foliage with a rather strange central flower make these a wonderful addition to the woodland garden. They will flower in late spring, and if planted in a humus rich moisture retentive soil seem to require little extra attention. The flower is a spidery green and would be regarded more as interesting than attractive.

So this wonderful plant is a great woodlander, and also known as the 'Canopy Plant'. However it has one intriguing feature missed by many, it has 50% more DNA than we do.

Paris japonica Care

In general a humus rich soil with reasonable drainage, that does not dry completely in summer is best.

Morning sun and afternoon shade, or good filtered light is essential for flowering.

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