Pachysandra plants and species (Japanese spurge) are used as an evergreen ground cover plant or small shrub. Selected for the low maintenance nature species such as Pachysandra terminalis, and the less aggressive and invasive Pachysandra procumbens are popular.

This is really an old fashioned ground-cover plant, it os tough and easy to grow, in fact it is one of the few plants that grows well beneath pine trees. Often used as a border on driveways and excellent in shaded areas in commercial landscaping projects.

Over time it will spread to form a good dense carpet of green that will reach around 20cm in height. It spreads by underground rhizomes and is troubled by few pests.

Pachysandra Varieties

Pachysandra Care

These are really an easy care plant except for the tendancy to spread to easily.

In unrestrained conditions Pachysandra is regarded by many as invasive especially in good growing conditions. It spreads by underground runners, however in areas of dense shade it does have its uses in some gardens .


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