Howea forsteriana or 'kentia palm'

Howea forsteriana or 'kentia palm' is a wonderful palm tree for growing indoors. From Lord Howe Island just off the Queensland coast in Australia this is a slow growing palm that does well in pots or containers and being shade tolerant makes it extra suitable for the indoors.

With lots of names that reflect its interior use such as 'parlour palm' and 'hotel palm' Howea forsteriana was a favourite during the Victorian era and is used widely today in both shopping centres and commercial buildings. Also known as the 'sentry' palm for its nice upright habit.

Growing conditions and care

Best suited to a situation in filtered light (the bigger the specimen the more light it will need).

Howea forsteriana requires a well drained soil and watering on a regular basis from spring to summer, in winter little water is required except in very dry situations. Overwatering is often indicated by yellowing of the foliage.

Generally available in sizes from 1 - 2m, in terms of cost, expect to pay between 30 and 100.