Heucheralla plants and species.

Heucherella is an interesting hybrid between Heuchera and Tiarella they have been around for about 100 years and make an excellent foliage plant.

The leaves are a maple shape and vary in color from deep bronze through to yellow and green some with brilliant red or purple markings, some lovely silvery grey cultivars are also available. Many cultivars will 'change colour' as the foliage matures.
Flowers are usually held above the foliage and appear in summer.

Heucherella care and growing conditions

Best suited to a humus rich moist soil in part shade. Plants need little care other than a tidy up of old or damaged foliage in late winter to early spring so that new growth is allowed to be the feature.

Larger clumps can be divided at this time as well. Fertilize with a liquid seaweed fertiliser and some worm castings turned into a 'liquid tea'

Cultivars and hybrids include the pretty green foiliaged 'kimono', the brilliant orange 'sweet tea' the lime green with deep red veined 'stop light'.

For a spectacular show in a hanging basket look for Heucherella 'solar power'.

Heucherella can be found for sale at garden shows and plant fairs as well as local garden centres.