Helenium Plants and Varieties

Helenium plants, species and varieties such as the popular Helenium Moerheim Beauty are readily available for sale from online nurseries in the UK.

Heleniums are a herbaceous perennial sometimes known as 'sneezeweed'. Different species are inclined to flower at different times. H. bigelovii is one species that is a early flowering type, also a little more compact and tidy.

Generally late flowering Heleniums do well in full sun in a well drained position. Useful in the cottage garden they also make a good cut flower.

Helenium 'Sahin's Early Flowerer' will require staking, while Helenium Moerheim Beauty is a lower growing cultivar. Helenium autumnale is originally from North America as is Helenium virginicum.

Helenium Varieties

Helenium hoopesii is a tall growing species with yellow flowers. The cultivar Helenium 'Waldtraut' has orange brown and yellow flowers while Helenium 'Wyndley' has deep yellow flowers with darker centres.

Helenium Care

Generally a low care plant, Heleniums do require a little attention every 4-5 years.

Clumps will need to be divided to prevent congestion.

A humus rich moist soil is best, heleniums do not like long dry periods. Remember that some cultivars will reach over 1m (3ft) in height and may require some support.

And yes you can give them some species a good pruning after the first flush if flowers to encourage a second flowering period. Those cultivars related to H.autumnale (later flowering) do not respond so well to this cutting back.

Propagation from seed

If you collect seed in autumn and keep in a paper bag over winter then you will have seed ready to sow into a cold frame in late winter.

You will get a range of 'different plants', some similar to the Helenium that you collected the seed from, others very different.

You may even find a nice new plant amongst the seedlings. If you wish to propagate Helenium that are the same as what you have grown then division is the only way, and should be carried out in spring..

Helenium are available for sale from the following nurseries

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