Hedera helix is common Ivy or English Ivy, used in landscaping as a screen it clings tightly to many surfaces and is an excellent evergreen climbing plant capable of reaching 15m. Growing well in full sun to part shade in a humus rich well drained soil, it also works well as a ground cover plant.

Frosts can be a problem and many people believe that Ivy can be a problem plant when grown on buildings at it tends to root into mortar and can weaken it. Ivy is also grown widely in hanging baskets. Flowers are fairly insignificant.


Although growing well in full sun in most areas of the UK a little shade seems to be the best situation. A well drained soil is essential. Plants can be pruned up to 3 times a year to encourage bushy growth if required. Propagation is from cuttings and Ivy will in fact self layer.

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