Fimbriated Cactus Dahlia


Dahlia plants are grown from cuttings, tubers or bulbs and will flower from mid summer and provide a great display of color in the garden.

With many new cultivars available for sale each year the choice of flowers and forms is incredible, see the Fimbriated Cactus Dahlia (picture right). Care is not difficult if you follow a few simple rules.

It is best to remember that Dahlias are originally from Mexico, so they are actually a fairly drought tolerant plant that needs a well drained soil.

We suggest that dahlia tubers planted in spring not be watered until signs of new growth are evident, this prevents rot setting in. Dahlia tubers need to be protected from freezing.

Dahlia Care and Planting

Dahlia FlowerGrown from tubers and flowering from mid summer through to Autumn tubers are best planted in spring once the soil has commenced to warm and the danger of frosts has passed, the end of May is a general guide.

Dahlias make great cut flowers and last well vases, an excellent choice.

Storing Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia tubers need to be lifted in winter to avoid freezing in the growing and rotting.

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