Summer Flowering Plants, Perennials and Shrubs

Summer Flowering perennials and shrubs for the UK garden include summer are perhaps some of the widest sought after plants with many of these plants being long flowering. Many perennials planted during the spring once the soil has commenced to warm provide the basics of summer flowering plants for the perennial border.

With plants that flower early in the warmer months of summer and others that flower late in the summer period. Many summer flowering plants are also suitable for growing in pots and containers including a wide range of herbs.

Summer Flowering Plants are some of the most versatile plants of all. Summer foliage plants that thrive during the warmer months may find difficulty as soon as the cooler months begin however the foliage from plants such as ornamental bananas and alocasias provide a backdrop for a range of plantings in the border. Summer flowering plants may be well known species such as roses, or more difficult and exotic plants that still require a deal of care and knowledge to grow.

Best Summer Flowering Plants

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