Androsace : Alpine rock jasmine

Androsace lanuginosaThese mainly alpine plants are grown for their cushion or mat of closely packed white and pink flowers. They are compact and showy so are perfect to add interest to the alpine garden and the rock garden.

Most are suitable for pots and containers and will do well in an alpine house. Androsace can endure cold and enjoy the sun but dislike being wet in winter. Plant in the full sun in a well-drained, gritty soil.

Androsace species such as A. villosa, septentrionalis and occidentalis are an Alpine Plant.

Other species include : A. lanuginosa (see picture of foliage right) the early flowering A. Carnea the pretty pink flowering A. sempervivoides are all well suited for growing in rock garden situations.

Androsace Species :

There is over a hundred species of Androsace.

Androsace plants and species are available for sale from the following nurseries

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