Anchusa Azurea

Also known as 'Alkanet', Anchusa azurea has been grown in cottage garden for centuries, it attracts birds and butterflies as well as providing a sea of blue flowers for long periods.

The beautiful blue flowering Anchusa azurea Loddon Royalist (tall species) is also known as Italian Bugloss, not nearly as nice a name. Anchusa capensis is low growing species but both are great plants that do well in a sunny dry position.

Flowering from May through to July, it is the blue flowers that are the attraction, they look great in the garden and also make a good cut flower, lasting up to 2 weeks in a vase.

Anchusa azurea Loddon Royalist will reach a height of around 1m (3ft) and the blue flowers that appear in spring are a great way to attract bees to the garden.

Care and cultivation

Although they are tall growing the stems are strong and rarely need support. In terms of care, as the plants die back in autumn simply cut them right back.

If you have heavy clay soils then you will have a problem, as these plants do require good drainage, in these situations try growing them in a raised garden bed, or mounding up the soil to improve drainage.

Best propagated from cuttings or by division if you want the intense blue of the original plants.

Varieties include:

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