Anacamptis Orchids

Anacamptis Orchids are a group of orchids found from the Mediterranean through to Asia. A. pyramidalis is often found in the wild in the UK countryside, flowering during summer.

These hardy plants are terrestrial orchids. They grow leaves in autumn/ winter and flower in spring or early summer. They grow a long erect spike carrying many fragrant flowers and are dormant in summer.

Anacamptis are perfect for growing in the rockery, or in pots and containers. Many can also be used to add colour and interest to the wildflower meadow.


Anacamptis enjoy full sun in a cool-moderate temperature. They require well-drained soil but they should not be allowed to dry out from autumn to spring.

The tubers are dormant in summer and should be kept moderately dry and cool to avoid rotting.

Tubers should be planted when they are dormant. Water well in spring as growth develops.

Put your potted Anacamptis outdoors in late summer to trigger new growth. As with all orchids, the gardener should be aware of each plants particular requirements.

Some of the popular Anacamptis species:

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