Amelanchier or 'Serviceberry'

Perhaps one of the most underrated, yet useful small trees Amelanchier goes under the common name of "Serviceberry' or 'Juneberry'. The good points are many, Amelanchier is a small growing tree, so excellent for courtyards and smaller urban gardens. It has great white flowers in spring, strarry white and masses of them. The flowers are followed by edible (and ornamental) berries and then you also get good Autumn color as well.

Most cultivated species are originally from North America, however some are also found in Europe. Amelanchier or 'serviceberry' is easy to grow and copes well in full sun to part shade. A number of species and cultivars are available in the UK including A. x grandiflora 'Robin Hill' which has flowers that open with a touch of pink before fading to white.

In the UK the two popular species are A. canadensis which has a fairly upright growth habit and A.lamarkii with a broader spreading habit. With a little judicious pruning it is A.lamarkii that we like for a small spreading tree.

Tey underplanting wit Epimediums, Sarcococca , Huechera or Tiarella.


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