Amaryllis Bulbs

These wonderful flowering bulbs are originally from the sub - tropical regions of South America. Wonderful large trumpet shaped flowers and in the UK these are usually treated as an indoor plant. What we know as the 'Butterfly Amayliss' is actually the species Hippeastrum Paplilio.

Growing conditions

In the natural environment these are an evergreen, in cooler areas (the UK) they are deciduous and are dormant in winter. If grown outside they require a warm sunny position, no cold winds and good drainage.

If only we would use botanical names correctly then the true nature of Amaryllis bulbs would be much more easily understood. In the UK we tend to think that all Amaryllis are Hippeastrum, and this is far from it. Rather unfortunately many growers know very little about plant taxonomy so the problem is exasperated.

In fact Amaryllis, are really Amaryllis belladonna, also known as 'belladonna lily' and 'naked lady'. So if search engines knew what they were talking about we would not be mentioning Hippeastrums on this page at all, although the two genus are indeed related from the Amaryllidaceae family.

The same problem in the USA, they get it wrong, however in Australia and just about everywhere else Hippeastums, are indeed, Hippeastrums, not Amaryliss.

So Hippeastum is a genus over 60 species from South America and Amaryliss are a genus of two species from South Africa.

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