Amaranthus caudatus

Amaranthus caudatus is a fast growing annual used as an ornamental in many gardens and as source of seed for food in Africa. It is the masses of drooping blood red flowers that are the attraction, as well as what give the plant its comon name.

Grown in good conditions Amaranthus caudatus gives an almost tropical look to the garden or patio. Good green foliage and those long lasting flowers can look great from late spring through summer in a warm sunny position in a humus rich moist soil.

With attractive red or green tassels, Amaranthus caudatus or love-lies-bleeding can be a stunning plant in the border.

Growing to almost 1m the ornamental seed pods look great when used in a flower arrangement or in the garden. Try growing Amaranthus caudatus in a large pot for a stunning feature in summer. Amaranthus is easily grown from seed.

The flowers last well as cut flowers, unfading in a vase for nearly 2 weeks. They are also used as dried flowers.


Amaranthus caudatus Care

In the UK this species works well when grown as an annual in a hanging basket on a patio. Excellent as a cut flower as well. You can buy young plants online in spring, or can choose to grown Amaranthus caudatus from seed.

Best sown into a cold frame in late winter, seeds will germinate in around 2 weeks. You can pot them up once they reach a good size, ready for planting out after the frost are gone. You can aslo sow directly in late spring, however a cold snap can cause problems in the fickle UK climate.

Try pinching back the new growth for the first 3 - 4 weeks to create a strong bushy habit.

Although they are used as bedding plants remember that they need to planted out after the frosts.

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