Alstroemeria pulchella

Alstroemeria pulchella (syn. Alstoemeria psittacina) is also known as the Parrot Flower or Peruvian Lily and has red flowers tipped with green.

This plant is native to Brazil and grows from rhizomes. Reaching a height of over .5m with taller flower spikes, the flowers are attractive, and are excellent in a vase, however this plant does have its drawbacks.

The attractive flowers appear in late spring on tall stems up to 1m high and work well as cut flowers however the plant does tend to 'spread' so if you are going to grow this one keep it in a container, off the ground so that it does not find its way out into the garden and tends to become a weed.

On the other hand it is a little frost tender, so those in colder areas may find that it is natually kept in check.

Our advice, give it a miss, unless you are prepared to take great care to prevent it from spreading, if left to,its own devices it will 'take over' and Alstroemeria pulchella is difficult to eradicate.

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