Bird Baths

In the garden a bird bath can serve multiple purposes, they can simply be an additional aesthetic element, or they may be designed to attract birds to the garden. The two functions are not mutually exclusive, however the ornamental bird bath is not always as functional as it should be, so before we go buying the latest model for the garden, what do we actually need to look for in a bird bath?

Placement of a functional birdbath

A functional bird bath needs to be positioned in the right place, high enough for birds to feel safe, close enough to trees to provide easy access, in a position where the water remains cool and shallow enough for birds to land in yet deep enough for them to bathe in, yes birds do bathe in bird baths. Our bird bath is close to the front door, and near a large russ tree, the smaller birds seems to love it. We change the water every week and use rain water, in summer more often.

Every gardener loves birds, and what can be more rewarding than having them in the garden with you when you are out their gardening, and digging, companions that sing, so why not attract them to the garden.

Birdbath Materials and styles

Material need to be non toxic, and non slip, our feathery friends need to be able to 'get a grip'. Modern materials include stone, concrete, metal, resin (PVC) and come in antique and modern ornamental styles. A simple concrete birdbath will do the job if placed in the right spot.

Some people suggest that a bird bath sunk into the ground is a good alternative, in an area where cats and dogs are around, probably not a good idea.

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