Sally Holmes Rose

Sally Holmes Rose

If you are looking for a climbing rose with masses of fragrant blooms then Sally Holmes could be the one.

Sometimes classed as a shrub and pruned as such, however it is a vigorous grower and we think it is a natural climber.

The flowers open a pinky peach colour and soon turn a creamy white, they appear in large clusters, long flowering and a relatively disease free rose, the flowers will continue right into autumn in a sunny position.

Wonderful against a wall, a trellis or growing over a rose arbour or perhaps on a pillar, and excellent in a cottage garden.


As for other roses, Sally Holmes likes a humus rich moist soil and a cool root run, a sunny aspect, although this rose does seem to cope with more shade than many.


As the new growth commences at the end of winter this is a good time to prune it back you may need some extendable loppers.

Remember that climbing roses bloom on vertical branches so train appropriately.

John Allman 

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