Scharlachglut Rose'Rosa 'Scharlachglut' - Scharlachglut Rose

Some roses are grown for flowers while other are also grown for the 'rose hips', the red fruits that forms after the flowers have gone and add extra interest to the plant , 'Scharlachglut' is one such rose.

A largish shrub rose which will reach around 2-3m, but can be kept much smaller if pruned. Largish foliage, large attractive red single flowers with yellow centers (see picture right) followed by brilliant red rose hips, (yes they are large as well). Fragrance is light and sweet and flowers can reach 12 cm across.

Also known as 'Scarlet Fire' and 'Scarlet Glow'

Why rose hips ? They are interest and extra colour to the garden until the early months of winter. This is a Gallica rose bred by Kordes in 1952, single flowering, but oh those rose hips, looking great on a frosty winters morning.

Used in the garden as a feature rose 'Scharlachglut' can also be planted as an informal hedge.

Plant in a sunny position, a minimum of 6 hours sun a day is recommended for roses, in a well drained soil and provide support for young plants.

Before planting dig in some well rotted compost and decomposed animal manure, preferably 2-3 weeks before planting, this allows any 'heat' in the manure or compost to dissipate. Water in well well after planting and mulch to provide a cool root run.

Prune in early spring cutting back any old dead, diseased or damaged wood to start with. Remove canes that cross and open up the Centrex to allow good air movement, this helps reduce disease. Rosa 'Scharlachglut' can have remaining canes can be cut back by 1/3 to an outward facing bud.

John Allman 

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