Loving Memory Rose

Loving Memory Rose

As a commemorative rose or one to remember a loved one, Loving Memory has a lot going for it.

A wonderful hybrid tea rose, Loving Memory has deepish red flowers, a well formed spiral bud and is hardy. If you are looking for fragrance this is probably not the rose for you, yes it has a slight fragrance but not strong.

This is a Kordes rose released in 1981, continual flowering with double blooms. It does have thorns but not overly so. Easy in the garden a a great reminder to many.

We grow Loving Memory as a standard rose, and as it has nice long stems it is great for cut flowers, often found in rose shows as well as it has such good shape. As a standard it will reach around 1 - 1.3m in height.


Prune in late winter to early spring, and apply some specialist rose fertiliser at the same time. Deadhead to help promote a second flush of flowers.

Often used as a memorial rose, Loving Memory deserves its place in the garden for the wonderful flowers alone.

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