Rhododendron plants for sale in the UK.

Rhododendron nurseries, and growers in the UK offer a wide range of cultivars as well as some interesting species for sale. Rhododendrons are originally from China and the Himalayas, although tropical species of Rhododendron Plants are also from areas such as Borneo and Northern Australia.

Rhododendrons found in the garden are hybridized to promote new flower forms although some species of Rhododendrons are note worthy for their foliage.

We also look at Rhododendron Pruning, diseases and problems and Rhododendrons for sale.

Plant Profile

A favorite garden plant, not only for the fabulous Rhododendron flowers, but look for some of the species with great foliage as well. Rhododendrons have been extensively hybridized by nurseries in the UK for over 100 years.

Rhododendron ponticum is regarded as 'invasive' in many areas of the UK.

Where to buy Rhododendrons

In season, your local nursery will carry a range of Rhododendrons, however if you are looking to buy something a little special, or just want a wider a choice check out the specialist rhododendron nurseries listed with us



Where to grow Rhododendrons

Once established Rhododendrons are generally fairly tough. Some protection from hot sun is advisable.

Rhododendron Care

In good soil Rhododendrons need little fertilizer, however remember that mulch will hold nitrogen, so if you see yellowing leaves try adding some ammonium sulphate. For general use try a complete rhododendron and azalea fertiliser in late winter to spring.

Pruning Rhododendrons in the UK is best carried out in early spring, after flowering and before new growth commences. pruning in late summer or autumn can promote new growth that is easily damaged by frosts and cold weather.

With a little luck you get magnificent flowers like those in Rhododendron lindleyi pictured right.

You can Rhododendrons for sale at trhe following specilaist nurseries in the UK

HOPES GROVE GARDEN NURSERIES Telephone: 01580 765600
The Estate Office, Smallhythe Road Tenterden, Kent TN30 7LT
Hopes Grove Garden Nurseries based in Kent have a wide range on hedges & plants available online and have been selling trees and scrubs mail order for over 15 years.

MILLAIS NURSERIES Crosswater FarmT el: 01252 792698
Crosswater Lane Churt Farnham GU10 2JN Fax: 01252 792526
Specialist ericaceous growers, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, largest range in UK. Surrey. mail order and retail sales. Specimen plants and Dwarf. Species.

Rhododendron Varieties

Yes Rhododendrons offered come as different types

The taller growing hybrids are always popular, wonderful feature plants or plant as a screen.

The dwarf types, sometimes called alpine rhododendrons, excellent in the rock garden or in containers

The large leaved types. these include, R. macabeananum grande, great foliage plants and with spectacular flowers as well

More information

Best time to plant in the UK is in early autumn while the soil is still warm, so check out the ones you want to buy in spring when they are in flower, but buy them in autumn. You can plant in spring, just take extra care in case we get a dry summer......

Best time to prune is just after flowering, however they really need very little pruning at all, just removal of old damaged or diseased wood. However they are tough plants and can in fact be hard pruned in many cases.