Campanula poscharskyana

A wonderful ground-cover plant Campanula poscharskyana is also known as the Serbian Bell Flower. Attractive blue to mauve flowers this is a sprawling or trailing plant excellent for underplanting taller shrubs.

Long flowering, from spring through summer to early autumn the flowers are star shaped some with with a touch of white in the throat and some varieties have a deeper blue flower than others.

Try underplanting hydrangeas, camellias and even rhododendrons, Campanula poscharskyana does need a little light to flower well, so make sure that you plant where it will receive adequate sun.

Depending on the climate Campanula poscharskyana may die back in winter, the colder the climate the more it dies back.

Be aware that this is a plant that spreads easily, so avoid planting where it will compete with other low growing perennials as it tends to smother them.


Regarded (and promoted) as drought tolerant best performance is in a humus rich moisture retentive soil. It will survive in dry conditions, but not flower as well.

Plants can be easily pruned back to maintain a more compact habit.


The cultivar 'Blue waterfall' has a more compact and dense habit than the species. Consider planting along a the top of a low retaining wall where it can flow over the edge.

Stella, Freya and E.H.Frost are others to consider.

Campanula Varieties