Campanula persicifoliaCampanula persicifolia

With flowers appearing on upright stems in late spring, Campanula persicifolia is a mat forming perennial and is one of the most widely grown of all of the campanulas. Easily grown from seed or basal cuttings this is a wonderful easy care plant.

Also known as the 'peach leafed bellflower' it will reach around 70 - 70 cm in height depending on conditions.

Excellent as a cottage garden plant, used in clumps in the garden border and can also be grown in containers, however we think it grows best in the garden, where it needs very little care.

Flowers range from the pure white through to purples.

The foliage is close to the ground and will spread by runners to form a dense mat, although unlike some others it does not seem to become invasive and although it will self seed it is easily controlled.

Campanula persicifolia Care

Full sun to part shade depending on climate, although it is best to avoid hot afternoon sun. A humus rich moist but well drained soil. Water new plants with a liquid seaweed fertiliser.

Plants can be dead headed to promote a second flush of flowers, and pruned back to the basal growth at the end of autumn. Propagation is from seed sown in late winter into a cold frame or greenhouse, or more easily by division of established clumps.

Campanula persicifolia Varieties

'Takion Blue' is a popular violet blue flowering form, 'Chettle Charm' seems to be a strong flowering form while Campanula persicifolia 'La Belle' is a lilac blue double flowering form. 'Powder Puff is a white double flowering variety.

Campanula Varieties