Established and Mature Trees


Widely used in the landscaping industry where an 'instant' effect if required Mature Trees, Established or 'Advanced Trees' may cost a little but it can be well worth paying a little more. Housing estates and commercial developments are the largest users of mature trees. However it is worth considering the purchase of an advanced tree for a private residential development as well, the instant effect can be dramatic and make a new house appear to have been established for years.

Some trees available for sale are so large that they require a crane to lift them into position and specialist planting techniques to ensure a successful transplanting. Mature trees are expensive, but can add instant value and appeal to any property.

Landscaping uses for Established Trees

Established Trees, Large Trees or Mature Trees can add instant impact to a garden or landscape project. With Established or Mature trees available up to 40ft tall it is possible to give a new garden an established look.

They are also valued in gardens where a tree have been damaged or is diseased and a replacement that will help restore the landscape is required.

Transplanting mature or established trees

Transplanting mature or established trees is a specialist activity requiring expertise and proper equipment, trees need to be carefully lifted, transplanted steadied with guy ropes and stabilized. Special care needs to be taken while trees recover from the shock of being moved.

Established Trees are available for sale from the following nurseries

Growers and importers of broadleaf trees and conifers, from transplants to full matures at 40ft tall and a full range of mature topiaries, for instant effect in garden or landscape.

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