Achillea millefolium

Achillea millefolium

Achillea millefolium plants and species

Achillea millefolium or 'Yarrow' and related species are are great garden plant and are relatively easy to grow and you buy potted plants or simply get some seeds, they grow well in a cool climate when given full sun. All Achillea prefer a well drained soil.

Great border plants, dependable, colorful and easy to grow, with flower heads ranging from yellow through to red they add a splash of colour to any perennial garden border. Achillea millefolium or Yarrow is a widely used flowering perennial well suited to the cottage garden.

Reaching 2ft cultivars include the magenta pink flowering 'Cerise Queen' 'Lansdorerglut' which is an attractive peach colored cultivar, the red flowering 'Red Velvet'.

Best suited to a humus rich well drained soil in full sun they are clump forming perennial and a butterfly and bird attracting plant as well as being suited for cit flowers.

Where to grow Achillea

Best grown in the ground in a sunny border. A well drained soil is best.

Achillea care and growing hints.

Achillea should be deadheaded when flowers are spent. They can be divided in late winter / early spring.

Achillea are great as dried cut flowers, with strong stems and the ability to hold color well. Achillea are great border plant, a range of bright colours from white through pink and red

Popular Achillea cultivars and species include :

Achillea ptarmica 'The Pearl Group', Achillea 'Cerise Queen' with its deep red to purple flowers and the yellow flowering Wooly Yarrow or Achillea tomentosa.
Achillea filpendulina, Achillea grandifolium

Achillea filipendulina (Fernleaf Yarrow) are a yellow flowering yarrow growing to over 1m (4ft) and include cultivars such as Gold Plate, Cloth of Gold, 'Coronation Gold' and Parker's variety.

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