Fagus - the Beech Trees

Fagus are the genus that makes up what we commonly call Beech trees. A diverse genus with many garden worthy species and cultivars available for sale in the UK.

Used as shade trees, large feature trees and are also coppiced for use as fire wood. The common beech will reach up to 40m in height over time, it forms a wide spreading crown and makes an excellent shade tree.

In the UK they are also a tree that is important for wildlife. Birds love the dense canopy, however many species of butterflies rely on the beech tree as well. However beech trees also come from Japan and America and F. grandiflora is the American Beech, reaching to 25m in height depending on conditions.

Beech Tree Varieties.


Other Beech species include Fagus sylvatica var. heterophylla also known as the 'cut leaf beech' and 'fern leaf beech' ,and Fagus longipetiolata from China.

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Beech trees are a large growing ornamental tree that make great specimen trees in larger gardens, however they are also versatile, Fagus sylvatica (both green and copper) can also make a great hedging plant. Good drainage is important for these deciduous trees.

Available as bare rooted plants in winter or potted specimens year round.

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