A large group of clump forming grasses, Deschampsia are sometimes known as 'Hair Grass', this reflects the fine foliage. One of the best aspects of this group or ornamental landscaping grasses is that many grow well in part shade.

As well as being fine foliage plants Deschampsia species produce fine flower heads that last well into autumn and aslo make good backing material for cut flowers.

It seems to be the cultivars taht are taking the stage with this group of ornamental grasses, Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldtau' with its golden yellow flowers inflorescences grows easily in the garden and is excellent in a container as well. The seed heads last long into winter and most gardeners leave these to add interest through the colder months.

Deschampsia flexuosa aurea with its golden green foliage is also known as 'Tatra Gold'.

Deschampsia Care

All species prefer a humus rich moist soil, however they are reasonably forgiving and will grow in poorer soils and les than ideal conditions.

Deschampia Varieties

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