Common name Thrift or Sea pinks

A popular plant with gardeners, Armeria consists of around 80 species, all very adaptable to a variety of environments.

These are a plant that tolerates drought, salt and wind. Species such as A. maritima 'Alba' Sea thrift or 'thrift' are a hardy plant that do well in rock gardens. Armenia prefer a well drained soil and can easily be divided. The pink flowers stand above the low growing tufted foliage. A. juniperifolia makes a good rock garden plant.

An evergreen, herbaceous, perennial very well suited to the rockery and as a ground cover. A wonderful, low maintenance plant for adding colour to the garden bed or to pots and containers. Armeria can be used as an edging plant and will grow well on top of a retaining wall. They are also wonderful for the cottage garden and are great as cut flowers. Armeria dry well and are popular in dried arrangements.

The plant forms a cushion or clump of linear, grass-like leaves. The pink, white or red flowers are globe shaped and grow on stems above the foliage. Armeria flower in spring and summer. Dead heading brings a second flush of these bright cheery flowers. The plant grows to 20cm high and 30cm wide. Armeria prefer well drained light to medium soils in a full sun position. Armeria can be propagated by seed or basal cuttings in summer. Division of established clumps can be done in early spring. Division will rejuvenate plants that are browning in the centre.

Armeria Varieties:

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