Aquilegia skinneri

Aquilegia skinneri

With its yellow petals and bright red spurs Aquilegia skinneri is from New Mexico and does like a warm sunny position. Reaching around 60cm (2ft) Aquilegia skinneri is rarely offered.

It is an interesting species as it is one of the rare 'repeat flowering' aquilegias. If you want to collect the seed, leave the old seed pod, if you would like more flowers, deadhead.

Aquilegia skinneri Care

A humus rich moist but well drained soil is essential as is a position in a sunny position in the UK with maybe some protection from afternoon sun. It can be grown in containers

Propagation is by division of the rhizomes in early spring or from seed.

Be a little careful as it is fairly easy for these plants to 'cross pollinate' so ir you want it come true, a little isolation treatment might be need.

Seeds are sown close to the surface, you can sow in early spring which seems to bring best results, however maybe in a cold frame earlier on.