Snapdragon FlowerOne of the all time favorite annuals are the Snapdragons, brightly colored flowers that are said to look like a dragons face. So children love them, squeeze the flower and the dragons mouth opens. It is the color combination and these happy looking flowers that make Snapdragons loved by so many gardeners.

Antirrhinum majus is the species, however snapdragons are sold with a wide variety of flower colors.

These tall flowering plants work well in cottage gardens as well as in mass plantings. And although we tend to think of them as tall, you can also get dwarf varieties.

It is the brilliant colours of the flowers that draw our attention to these plants from white through yellow and pink to deeper reds, snapdragons have it all. Easily grown from seed sown in a cold frame in late winter, ready for planting out in spring, but wait until the last frosts are over, or you may need to start again

Antirrhinum majus is the Common Snapdragon and can be grown from seeds.

Snapdragon Varieties

Generally this is in terms of height.

Named cultivars and collections are also available for sale including :

How to Grow Snapdragons.

You can buy them as plugs and mass plant in earlt spring, or you can grow them from seed. Excellent in hanging baskets, and as long as they get good sun and some moisture they are happy.

You can prune them back a little to create a more compact habit, however most gardeners let them go. However a little pruning will help promote more flowers.

The taller types can either be planted amongst low growing pere nnials or they can be staked if you wish. The medium and low growing types are a little easoer as they rarely require support.

Growing Snapdraonds from seed.

If you are growing from seed be sure to look for rust resistant types. Seeds need to be surface sown as they need light to germinate. So press firmly into the soil, but do not cover them up.

Keep seeds moist until they germinate, usually around 2 - 3 weeks at a temperature around 10 - 15 C. Seeds are best sown in trays or flats and transplanted to the garden as they harden off and reach a managable size.

If the weather warms to over 25 C (80 F) they tend to stop flowering, not often a problem in the UK spring and early summer.

Watering Snapdragons

Good drainage is essential, in wet boggy soils they tend to suffer from root rot. So the idea of 1 inch of water a week as put forward by some is wrong. In fact let the soil dry a little, but never really dry, between waterings.



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