Aciphylla are a group grass like plants and popular species include, Aciphylla colensoi and Aciphylla scott-thomsonii with its attractive blue green foliage. Aciphylla are often called 'speargrass'.

Aciphylla Plant Profile.

Mostly from New Zealand Aciphylla are often given the name 'speargrass'. They generally require a free draining soil and lots of air movement. Most have spikey foliage although some species are somewhat softer such as Aciphylla dieffenbachii or 'Chatham Island' Spear Grass

Aciphylla subflabellata prefers a well drained position but grows well in a cool climate but is a fairly large plant. For the garden or rock garden some of the smaller growing species are excellent specimens, look for Aciphylla simplex, Aciphylla similis, Aciphylla kirkii and Aciphylla congesta

Aciphylla Species Include:

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