Abelia grandiflora kal

Abelia grandiflora

Abelia species such as Abelia grandiflora are related to Honeysuckle and although they are not widely grown in England, given protection from frost are a very desirable garden plant. The flowers that appear in spring are particularly long lasting and attractive to birds and butterflys.

The glossy green foliage in itself is an a good addition to the garden border. Look for cultivars such as Abelia Silver Anniversery as well as Abelia Edward Goucher and kaleidoscope (a variegated cultivar) . Abelia floribunda and francis mason are others. Abelia care and for sale in the UK.

In the UK Abelia are a semi - evergreen fragrant shrub. Abelias like full sun and a well drained humus rich soil, they quickly grow to 2m or more depending on conditions and cultivar.

The canes are long and arching and with flowers that are a pretty trumpet shape lasting over a long period until late summer, although small the fragrant flowers make this a great plant for attracting birds and bees.

Where to grow Abelia

A frost free sheltered sunny position is best for Abelia. A humus rich well drained soil. Poor quality soil is not a problem for abelias, a little mulch and a general purpose fertilizer and they they thrive.

Abelia Care pruning and growing hints.

Abelia can easily be pruned to maintain shape by cutting back in the winter. You can prune lightly to remove some of the spent flowers to try to encourage a second flush of flowers.

Popular species include: Abelia x grandiflora, Abelia chinensis, Abelia schumannii and Abelia 'Edward Goucher'. AAbelia grandiflora kaleidoscope and abelia confetti are also of interest.

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