Lilium Care

Really an easy care bulb in the right conditions growing liliums is fairly simple. The time to plant out is in February to April in a position with some protection from wind as liliums are fairly tall growing. Remember that that these bulbs require a well drained soil otherwise they may rot over winter.

Position and Planting

Lilium BulbA sunny position and a humus rich well drained soil is essential for good flower production, some shade in the afternoon is useful. Dig the soil over well with some well rotted compost and manure.

Bulbs can be planted at around 20cm (8inches) and give them some space to multiply if you intend to leave them in the ground so around 30cm apart. When new shoots begin to appear they can be well watered, but not wet.

Fertiliser and Mulch

Apply a liquid fertilizer such as a seaweed based product every two to thee weeks. Mulch in summer to provide a cool root run add a little potash as well.


Many growers use supports to help hold the flower heads high as the large flowers are heavy and can tend to drag the plant down. Flowers can be picked when semi open.

Other Care

Care is minimal, deadhead spent flowers and remove old foliage when it has died back in autumn.

Lilium Propagation

Species can be grown from seed, all lilies will produce offsets and larger clumps can be divided in early spring before growth starts. The experts also 'chip' bulbs to produce larger numbers.

Lilium Problems

Generally liliums have very few problems in the right environment, however a few issues do arise.

John Allman 

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