Copper Tape for Slugs and Snails

Copper Tape For Slug ControlSlugs are a problem with many plants especially those with fleshy leaves such as hostas and asarum. Copper tape is one method of stopping slugs. Acting as a barrier, it stops slugs and snails from making their way to your plants.

The barrier is said to work through a chemical reaction thats deters the slugs by giving them the equivalent of an electric shock. They turn around and look for an 'easier' way.

Using Copper Tape to Stop Slugs

We have seen a few 'decorative' ideas with patterns cut into the tape. It might be more effective to cut small 'nicks' into the lower edge of the tape to create an additional abrasive barrier. The patterns tend to just make the barrier a narrower one, not really a good idea.

Copper tape is available for sale online and from most good garden centres.

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