Cottage Garden Design

Cottage Garden PlantsYou need old fashioned flowering plants for a cottage garden Right? Well actually that's wrong.

Cottage gardens are one of the oldest styles of gardens in the UK, seem as full of flowering plants they have been adapted to form a style of garden border, but what are cottage gardens, and where do they originate? What is a list of plants suitable to use in a cottage garden, what are the rules?

Cottage gardens were originally the gardens of workers cottages, they were full of plants often left to self to self seed and included a wide range of productive plants as well, fruit trees, herbs and vegetables were all on the list of plants includes in gardens of this style. And in those days you would get your plants from cuttings and friends (people had very little money)

Cottage garden design ideas

But that's not what today's cottage garden looks like is it ?

Well yes and no, the planting is the same in that the crowded look is essential, no formal lines of plants and certainly every inch of ground is used, but the rest of the rules are just waiting to be broken.



List of Cottage Garden Plants

Aquilegia in the Cottage GardenEveryone likes a list so here is our list of cottage garden plants.

Herbs Vegetable, Berries And Fruit Trees

Whatever will grow and produce food......

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