Water Lily Nymphaea species

Water Lilies

Without doubt the showiest of the water plants is the the water lily. These are the Nymphaea species. They do require a little space although the smaller growing types are very versatile.

With stunning flowers that open during the day and close at night, water lilies are well worth considering for ponds as well as containers.

Waterlilies are not only great flowering plants but also act as biofilters and oxygenators.

These are some of the best known aquatic plants and vary in size from Nymphaea tetragona at 40cm upwards and are available for sale by mail order in the UK.

Growing Water lilies

Water lilies are classic aquatic plants. With over 50 species, both evergreen and deciduous ranging from tropical waterlilies to the more hardy types.

Water lilies require a sunny position if flowering is to be successful and remember to keep approximately 1/3 of the pond clear to improve appearance.

Planting depth of water lilies differs from species to species, so ask for written planting instructions when purchasing, and remember that water lilies do not like running water.

Water Lily Care

In general water at least 20cm deep is required. You can purchase "patio pots" that can be used to plant water lilies in and submerge into a pond, or as the name suggests, sit in a sunny position on a patio.

When planting us a container that is filled with soil and some aged cow manure. Add some slow release fertilizer and submerge the container.

Water lilies grown in containers will need to be divided and repotted every 2 - 3 years.

Water Lily Varieties

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